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San Jose at Night, Again

Published 6 Mar 2018 – Updated 6 Mar 2018

On Portra and LomoChrome Purple

I shot these photos using a Hasselblad 500C/M, a 40mm Distagon lens, and Kodak Portra or LomoChrome Purple film. I shot at El 100 for both rolls, adjusting for reciprocity failure by just winging it with some extra time. I'm still a novice at night film shots, but I'm happy with the way these turned out, and eager to share them here.

Long exposure night photos tend to pull out colors and exaggerate differences in light sources. These effects can be used by a clever photographer to aid the composition. Whether I'm a clever photographer or not, well, that's for others to decide, but all the colors certainly are popping out of the photos below. Doubly so, when the LomoChrome Purple film gets thrown into the mix.

The corner of Santa Clara and Almaden, with the historic Hotel DeAnza The CityView Plaza on top, parking garage below The CityView Plaza garage Plaza de Cesar Chavez A liquor store near San Jose State University One of the SJSU parking garages Another of SJSU's parking garages. I sure do love them parking garages. Paseo de San Antonio, a pedestrian-only shopping street near SJSU Circle of Palms Plaza Another view of Santa Clara Street

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