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Bernal Ranch

Published 16 Apr 2018 – Updated 15 Apr 2018

Santa Teresa County Park hike (on film)

Bernal Ranch is a piece of preserved San Jose history just inside the borders of Santa Teresa County Park. A few weeks ago, the Parks' photographer led his biannual photowalk up the hill, explaining photo techniques and wildflowers. Unfortunately, the wildflowers were still about a week away from full bloom, but it was alright – the vistas were still pretty, and there was plenty to keep us occupied.

I, of course, was the jerk who showed up to a photography class with a Hasselblad 500C/M and expired Portra 160NC. I have come to terms with being the annoying kid in the classroom, the one who sets himself up to be the odd man out and the other students hate, and I'm OK with that. Nonetheless, I am happy with the photos, even if most of my wildflower shots did not turn out well, and we're mostly going to see landscapes below.

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