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Alameda Long & Wide

Published 20 Nov 2017 – Updated 5 Dec 2017

with the Kowa

For my own testing, as well as an article here, I wanted to shoot a roll of film through the Kowa using exclusively each the wide 55mm lens and the long 150mm lens. For a subject, I picked the College Park neighborhood off The Alameda near my house, since the streets are lined with massive old trees and the lots filled with historic older homes. The film I used was more of this expired Kodak Portra 160VC, which has been working nicely.

This gallery has the best results, but unfortunately many of the photos were ruined by camera shake (whether from the mirror slap or my poor technique, I'm not sure) or lens flare. Also, a number of the 150mm photos lacked contrast – resulting in flat, uninteresting images.

Anyway, here's the good ones.

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