The 18mm lens was the most useful – giving 60% of the below photos. The 35mm lens gave a further third, and the last two photos came from the telezoom. Looking back, I probably would have been better served by either the 50mm or 90mm f/2 lenses in replacement of the zoom.

Gear aside, this was a family vacation first and foremost, and any photos I could take beyond family snapshots were bonus. We spent a lot of time wandering around historic town squares and at other tourist-friendly sites, so that's what I captured, but aimed at getting shots in my own personal style and not just grabbing the postcard-photo of each place. I wanted to show the viewer the things that drew my attention – which means the photos have a heavy emphasis on architecture and cityscapes, plus our foray into the Picos de Europa mountains.

This is just a set of 30 of the best photos – on a 10 day trip I came home with around 1800 total frames, of which 400 I deleted on first pass. After editing and sorting, I ended up with 124 photos worth showing to other people, and picked these below 30 from that group.