The rear screen chipped, and there was a scuff on the front of the (35mm f/1.4) lens, but the camera seemed none the worse for wear, so I kept shooting it all this time without any major problems.

However, I noticed that on occasion, when using the 55-200mm zoomed all the way to 200mm, sometimes the resulting image would be de-centered. By which I mean, that the right half of the image would be in sharp focus, and the left half would not.

At web-size, the issue isn't noticable

The whole photo, for reference

Detail on the left side, at best performance

A full-size crop of the right half of the image, how the image should always appear.

Detail on the left side, at worst performance

The weird, de-centering smudginess that sometimes rears its head

And for reference, from the right side of the image

For reference, a crop from the left side of the smudged image above

I thought it was just a misaligned element in the 55-200mm lens, and was today preparing to send it into Fujifilm for repair, when I thought to sanity check myself. I know I dropped the camera last year. I do not ever remember dropping the 55-200mm lens. So I checked with my next longest lens (the 18-55mm), and sure enough, I can re-create the same error. It's not as pronounced, maybe because the elements are all physically closer to the sensor (and because the 18-55mm lens isn't as sharp), but once I looked for it, yep, it's there.

10/24/16 – Sending in for Repair

So the upshot is that now, today, 10/24/2016, I am sending in my X-T1 to Fujifilm for repair. I will use this article to log the experience, since I have never used Fujifilm repair centers before.

11/1/16 – Update: Nothing

Even though USPS says my camera was delivered on the 26th, I still haven't heard a word from Fujifilm. Hrm.

11/7/16 – Update: Quote

After not hearing anything, I called today. Apparently, Fujifilm had everything in their system already but I never got emailed the quote. OK, whatever. I got the details, and the quote was $500. Apparently, the repair for this issue is replacing the entire front part of the camera. I looked up new X-T1s on B&H; they're $900. So it's painful, but I approved this quote.

11/28/17 – Update: Finished Repair

I just got a notice today that the repair has finally finished. They've now shipped the camera back to me and it's expected to be delivered on the First.