For me, the X-T3 is also a switch from the rangefinder-esque X-Pro2 back to the SLR-esque body style that my original X-T1 had. While I wanted to love the rangefindery-ness of the X-Pro2, its optical viewfinder was, disappointingly, just a gimmick. A gimmick which added complexity, weight, and expense onto the camera – things we should all eschew.

X-Pro2 side by side with the X-T3

This is not a review of the X-T3 – attempting that would be pointless. I didn't read anyone else's review and there's no point in reading mine: Fujifilm is a competently run camera company and there is no doubt that this new X-T3 camera is a step up in every way. The question then, is what to do with my (until yesterday, beloved) X-Pro2? When the X-Pro2 came into my hands, it took me half a year to realize how redundant the X-T1 was. I do not think it will take such a duration this time around – I'm coming to terms much sooner this time: the X-Pro2 is yesterday's news. Plus, I've got the X-E1 lying around if I want a reminder of what old, rangefindery cameras are like (or, you know, need to shoot with two bodies).

I will miss it, but I know the X-Pro2's days are numbered.

X-Pro2, you've been good to me

Because I need to feed my GAS, I also picked up the Venus Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens. I've held off on third party lenses for Fujifilm X until now, but Fujifilm doesn't make an ultra-wide compact prime, and Venus Laowa does. In order for Fujifilm cameras to use this lens, they must have the setting enabled "shoot without lens", but besides that this lens is business as usual. There's minor differences in build style from Fujifilm, but it doesn't feel cheap or awkward on the camera, and the resulting images are good – especially taking into account how extreme this lens is. It's still new, but I see this lens being a regular part of my camera bag.

Venus Laowa 9mm nose to nose with the XF 18mm f/2 Ultrawide: the X-T3 seen by the X-Pro2 with Laowa 9mm

I plan on stealing some time soon to play with all my new toys, as I've not yet used either "in the field". But let me conclude this entry with a sample image taken with the X-T3 wearing the XF 23mm f/1.4 lens, using the new Eternia film simulation:

My daughter // X-T3 // 23mm // Eternia