It has a permanently mounted zoom lens which zooms from slightly wide to just-past-normal, an autofocus mode and something that is sort of manual focus but not really, and its default orientation is portrait, a feature rarely found outside of cell phones. I'm still learning the camera, so I'll save all the gory details for a later post, but the essence is, this is a weird camera.

For its inaugural journey at my side, I ran two rolls of expired Ektachrome E200 220 through it, walking around the Julian St. James neighborhood of San Jose. Then the next morning, I ran another two rolls of expired 220, these of Portra 160VC in Los Gatos.

I was disappointed in the results. There were photos poorly exposed, some out-of-focus, some in-focus but not sharp, and a lot of sloppy composition – a particular fault whose blame I placed squarely on this camera's viewfinder and certainly not on my own shitty skills.

I am not giving up on the camera just yet, but so far I am disappoint. Below are the better photos from these first four rolls.