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expired 110

Published 7 Dec 2017 – Updated 7 Dec 2017

in the baby diana

A few years ago, someone gave me some old rolls of Kodak Gold 110 film they had found in their garage. I only recently got a working 110 camera (the Lomography Baby Diana), and then it took me longer to find someone to scan them (I've tried at home, and it's a pain). Anyway, this is probably the most abused Gold I've ever shot, but the results are definitely Lomography-esque. I love the way some of these came out, just because of the crazy colors and distortion.

I have now purchased some of Lomography's new "Color Tiger" 110 film to run through this Baby Diana, giving it a more proper shakedown, but for now, here's what 20-year-old poorly-stored poorly-exposed small-frame Kodak Gold looks like.

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