One batch I got last year (and only got around to testing recently) was some Fujifilm Sensia II 100. So one day after work, I loaded the roll into the Minolta SRT101 and shot some photos along the route home, metering roughly at box speed.

I've only just seen the results, and if there is one word to describe them, that word is "purple". Because they are purple. They are so purple that looking at them leaves a grape aftertaste. The purple has permeated them so thoroughly that my first instinct was to chuck the remainder of this film out, decrying it as unusable, ruined, poisoned film.

But then I remembered how just a few months ago, I paid good money for film that intentionally distorts colors into shades of purple: LomoChrome Purple. And I remember also thinking that, upon seeing the results of LomoChrome Purple, that "these could be purpler." I mean, LomoChrome Purple is fairly purple, but there was still plenty of room for additional purple. And now, out of left field and just a few months later, enters this new challenger. Is LomoChrome Purple the purplest film available? No! On the scale of purple, LomoChrome Purple no longer reigns supreme. Instead, a new victor has been found in 20-year-expired Sensia II!

Now, feast your eyes on the purplest film that's ever purpled.