(The current (2016) Kodak Ektar 100 is an unrelated film with the same name.)

A few years ago, I found an unopened 1994 roll of Ektar 1000 in a box of old camera parts. I've stored it in my freezer ever since, waiting for the right time to use it, and finally coming to understand that the time will never be right. So, knowing that old, poorly-stored, high sensitivity, consumer-grade films don't really last, I loaded it into the Leica and wandered around downtown San Jose.

To compensate for all the degradation I was assuming this film had been hit with, I calculated exposure for ~400, and was generously "overexposing" on top of that. I know that this film wasn't highly regarded even when new, and that decades of improper storage couldn't have added anything. But, you can see here the results, which while not great, defied my expectations and actually exist.

This roll piqued my interest, so I found a roll of the original Ektar 25 on eBay and shot that as well, for comparison. You can see the results in this set.