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accidental double-exposure

Published 13 Aug 2016 – Updated 26 Jan 2017

mysterious first exposure

A few years ago, a friend's father gave me a box of assorted camera junk that had been gathering dust in his garage for who knows how long. Included were some rolls of trash film. I threw them into my freezer and said "one day I'll shoot those".

Last week that day finally came. Most of the rolls were just badly stored, but one of those rolls, it turns out, was already mostly exposed. A wildly-expired roll of Kirkland Signature 200, someone shot some photos of a parade and a eastern-California road trip on it, rewound the roll back into the canister (leaving just the lead out which is exactly how a new roll of unexposed film looks), and left it in a garage for a decade.

I'm guessing the photos were taken by the friend's father, and probably with one of the Leicas in the box with the film, but I'm making assumptions here. I really know nothing certain about the first exposures on this roll. My shots were taken in Modesto, completely with no idea that I was double-exposing.

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