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repairing the x-t1

Published 24 Oct 2016 – Updated 29 Nov 2017

a log

Last year, on vacation in Ireland, I dropped my Fujifilm X-T1. I had a crappy wriststrap attached to one of the strap lugs, and the camera was dangling from my wrist, when the strap broke, and the camera tumbled to the ground below. The rear screen chipped, and there was a scuff on the front of the (35mm f/1.4) lens, but the camera seemed none the worse for wear, so I kept shooting it all this time without any major problems.

However, I noticed that on occasion, when using the 55-200mm zoomed all the way to 200mm, sometimes the resulting image would be de-centered. By which I mean, that the right half of the image would be in sharp focus, and the left half would not.

At web-size, the issue isn't noticable

The whole photo, for reference

Detail on the left side, at best performance

A full-size crop of the right half of the image, how the image should always appear.

Detail on the left side, at worst performance

The weird, de-centering smudginess that sometimes rears its head

And for reference, from the right side of the image

For reference, a crop from the left side of the smudged image above

I thought it was just a misaligned element in the 55-200mm lens, and was today preparing to send it into Fujifilm for repair, when I thought to sanity check myself. I know I dropped the camera last year. I do not ever remember dropping the 55-200mm lens. So I checked with my next longest lens (the 18-55mm), and sure enough, I can re-create the same error. It's not as pronounced, maybe because the elements are all physically closer to the sensor (and because the 18-55mm lens isn't as sharp), but once I looked for it, yep, it's there.

10/24/16 – Sending in for Repair

So the upshot is that now, today, 10/24/2016, I am sending in my X-T1 to Fujifilm for repair. I will use this article to log the experience, since I have never used Fujifilm repair centers before.

11/1/16 – Update: Nothing

Even though USPS says my camera was delivered on the 26th, I still haven't heard a word from Fujifilm. Hrm.

11/7/16 – Update: Quote

After not hearing anything, I called today. Apparently, Fujifilm had everything in their system already but I never got emailed the quote. OK, whatever. I got the details, and the quote was $500. Apparently, the repair for this issue is replacing the entire front part of the camera. I looked up new X-T1s on B&H; they're $900. So it's painful, but I approved this quote.

11/28/17 – Update: Finished Repair

I just got a notice today that the repair has finally finished. They've now shipped the camera back to me and it's expected to be delivered on the First.

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