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Pentax SF1

Published 10 Jun 2018 – Updated 10 Jun 2018

Prime Vintage 80's

This amazing 80's beast originally belonged to a family friend before it eventually passed through my hands on its way to eBay. This is the Pentax SF1 – an autofocus, full-featured, interchangeable-lens 35mm film SLR camera. As 35mm film SLRs go in 2018, it is "fine", but not very interesting. If you've got one, shoot it. It does everything you need a camera to do. But if you're looking for something unique or unusual, you won't find it here.

Below the photos of the camera itself are some sample photos I shot on Ilford Pan F Plus and Delta 3200. You can see evidence of a light leak where the light seals on the film door had deteriorated, and also frames where I used a "digital" lens (with its smaller image circle), which physically mounts to the camera with no issue, but obviously shouldn't be used for serious work.

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