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panasonic dmc-tz5

Published 14 Jun 2015 – Updated 27 Jan 2017

digital point-and-shoot

I purchased this camera from a mall kiosk in Denmark, when my previous camera broke while traveling. So for me, this was always a travel camera. It was absolutely fantastic as a travel camera, but once I got back home I never touched the thing. I took it on a few more trips, until I started demanding more from my travel cameras, and eventually stopped using it entirely. But I still look back at the photos I took using this camera and am amazed at how much I still like them. There's something to be said for taking photos all day every day.

Here are some of my favorite photos shot using this camera.

Venice, June 2008, equiv 27mm Venice, June 2008, equiv 27mm Vienna, June 2008, equiv 27mm Germany, June 2008, equiv 27mm Germany, June 2008, equiv 64mm Luxembourg, June 2008, equiv 27mm London, July 2008, equiv 42mm Paris, February 2009, equiv 27mm Geneva, February 2009, equiv 267mm San Juan, August 2013, equiv 27mm

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I am a photographer: I have fun taking photos, and I always have.

I've had a camera in my hand my whole life, a 110 camera as a kid, and the high school's 35mm SLR later. In 2008 I spent six months doing nothing but taking photos and loved it. From that point on I've had my camera surgically attached to my hand (I lie). I went digital in the year 2000, and I came back to film in 2013. My parents tell me my photos are "nice".