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fujifilm x-t1

Published 8 Dec 2015 – Updated 12 Feb 2017

mirrorless digital

This camera is my main squeeze, my bestie, my better half, my significant camera, my glass eye (is that an expression?), my window to the soul, my partner in crime, my ... if I continue this list, my wife will get jealous. Anyway, I use this camera to take pictures of things.

But why this camera? Because it is a chameleon, a master of disguise. It draws no attention to itself, and it can pretend to be whatever camera type is best for the situation. By default, it acts like a "I just bought my first dSLR" camera. But in about a second, you can turn it into full blown SLR mode, hip-level viewfinder mode, rangefinder mode, point-and-shoot mode, and basically anything but a field camera.

But that's not all. It is also full of different film simulations, made by Fujifilm, the same company that actually makes film. And on top of that it comes with the most flexible color-setting system I've used.

The flexibility is amazing, but it's just the first half. The rest of my love for this camera comes from all the dials and buttons on the outside. All the different settings that I need quick access to are right there, as a physical dial. There is nothing more usable than a physical dial, so this makes the camera really shine. This camera feels like it was designed by a photographer, not a marketer.

In short, if I go out shooting with this camera and come home with crappy photos, I know that it is my fault, and not the camera's. And that sort of reliability is what I demand from my equipment.

Here are some of my favorite photos I've taken with this camera, so far.

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