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canon powershot s100

Published 19 Dec 2014 – Updated 26 Jan 2017

digital point-and-shoot

This was a Canon top-tier point-and-shoot camera from 2011. It has a zoom lens that goes from 5.2mm to 26mm, which has a full-frame equivalence of 24mm to 120mm. The lens opens up to f/2 at the wide end, which was unusual for p&s cameras at the time, which is why I purchased this camera. But the performance never held up to my expectations, and I was continually frustrated by this camera. I gave it a fair shot, so it's not like I wasn't trying, but this camera was never dependable enough to travel with it alone. So I sold it.

Here are some of my favorite photos I shot using this camera.

New York City, October 2012. Equiv 24mm New York City, October 2012. Equiv 24mm Cruise ship, October 2012. Equiv 24mm San Luis Obispo, September 2012. Equiv 24mm

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