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canon eos rebel 2000

Published 30 Aug 2017 – Updated 2 Feb 2018

film SLR

The Canon Rebel 2000 was the entry-level SLR released by Canon in April 1999. It cost about $500 at the time, although I bought this one on eBay for $15. It works great! Great meter, buttons all function, shutter is well timed, and all in an incredibly small package.

The reason it is so cheap, is only because so many similar cameras were made, and there's not much to set this one apart from the rest. I picked this up to use my (at the time, large) Canon system on film, and set it down when I "upgraded" to the Elan IIe. When the Elan broke, though, back into service came this Rebel 2000. So today, it's still running strong, although with many fewer lenses than at first.

Here are some of my favorite photos I've taken with this camera:

Windy Hill, May 2012, Velvia 50 Marriage, November 2012, Portra 400 (at 1600) The Strip, November 2012, Velvia 50 Japantown, February 2013, Velvia 50 Fremont Peak, March 2013, Velvia 50 Cal Academy, March 2013, Neopan 400 RVing, April 2013, Neopan 400 New Orleans, June 2013, Velvia 50 San Jose, July 2016, Seattle Filmworks 200

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