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canon eos digital rebel

Published 13 Dec 2014 – Updated 26 Jan 2017

my first SLR

Canon EOS Digital Rebel with EF 24-105mm f/4L lens

This is the original affordable digital SLR. Before the Digital Rebel, a digital SLR was not affordable. When this model hit the markets, suddenly amateur photographers across the internet started posting much better work than they ever had before. After seeing contact after contact on deviantArt get this camera, I finally got one for myself in Fall of 2004. It cost $1000 and came with an 18-55mm zoom lens and a 64mb CF card.

I used this as my main camera from 2004 until 2010. Now that it just had it's 10th birthday, I can report that it has held up well over the years.

The Rebel sporting an 18-135mm lens

Here are some of my favorite photos I've taken with this camera:

Vallejo, April 2005, 33mm San Luis Obispo, November 2005, 271mm California Valley, November 2005, 25mm Morro Bay, November 2005, 92mm Newark, December 2005, 70mm Dumbarton Bridge, December 2005, 200mm Arcata, December 2005, 55mm Aptos, December 2007, 81mm Buttonwillow, December 2008, 300mm Ravenswood, April 2009, 53mm

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