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Tips for Aerial Photography

Published 30 Jun 2018 – Updated 24 Jun 2018

Shooting photos out an airplane window

Some of my favorite photos have been ones I've shot out of an airplane window. From 1000 to 3000 feet up in the air, you can get some amazing views, and smaller aircraft travel slow enough that you have time to prepare and compose your shots. Here are some general tips for taking photos in the sky.

And that's pretty much it. Have fun up there!

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I've had a camera in my hand my whole life, a 110 camera as a kid, and the high school's 35mm SLR later. In 2008 I spent six months doing nothing but taking photos and loved it. From that point on I've had my camera surgically attached to my hand (I lie). I went digital in the year 2000, and I came back to film in 2013. My parents tell me my photos are "nice".