Writing this out is making me feel vulnerable, like getting naked in front of strangers. But here goes.


I know only English (and Bad English), and I'd like to change this; I want to learn a second language. Why Hebrew of all languages? It doesn't get you far as a tourist – even in Israel, English is prevalent. I pick Hebrew only because I already know the alphabet, and work with several Israelis, so would have much opportunity to practice. Plus, being able to read the ancient texts would be nice (I am aware that modern and ancient Hebrew are different, I'll deal with that later).

radio signals

I'm trying to deepen my understanding of radio waves, both for myself (to survive the apocalypse by being useful to the future band of warriors as their radio operator slave) and to aid my career (by more fully understanding what all these expensive WiFi antennas are doing). This has been a goal of mine for a long time, and I've made enough progress down both tracks to see glimpses of how much I do not understand. But this goal blends into the next two...

to solder

I haven't soldered since I was a kid. I picked up a "make your own desk clock" kit at the Maker Faire last Spring, I just need to find the time to complete it. Not all my goals are unachievable and vague.

But some are...

how sound works

I've spent a lot of time, via photography, exploring how color and light works, and how our eye perceives them. I am not an expert, but I like to consider that I've got a very solid foundation there. I now want to do the same for sound. This goal also then leads to...

how music works

I love music, but I am musically inept. I'm slowly teaching myself the keyboard piano, but I also want to spend more time playing with music creation tools. The little I have fiddled around in Garage Band has showed me how little I know. But I have an idea brewing for how I can combine this goal with...


I mean, I guess I already technically know Javascript. But I mean here that I want to do something complex and advanced with Javascript, which I have never done. Till now, I have only used it for minor webpage tweaks, nothing grand or impressive. It would be great if I could even create something like a Node.js app. The real goal is to get familiar with modern software development, similar to how I've taught myself modern web design with CSS.

And speaking of...

upping my graphic design game

I've always been an armchair graphic designer, and have no plans on becoming a professional. But both for myself and for my career, increasing my fluency in graphic design would be beneficial. It would aid my photography, it would assist when creating materials for events I coordinate, and it would further complement my IT skillset at work. I am not one of those IT guys who knows one and only one thing – I aim for the widest breadth of knowledge as possible.

deeper understanding of network technology like TCP

I've been working with networking basics my entire adult life, but my knowledge of the internals of networking is only deep enough for me to get my job done. I'd like to go beyond that and get an understanding of what's going on in the packets themselves.


I will always have more goals than I can ever complete; it's good to always have something to work towards, but on the flip side it can mean feeling like I never accomplish anything. So I supposed another goal is to manage my time, but this is a recursive goal, only further adding to my anxiety. And this list speaks nothing towards non-educational goals; goals like staying healthy, being a good parent and spouse, changing the world for the positive, leaving an impact on history that dwarfs all of humanity's other accomplishments, and making it through yet another miserable day of this existence. You know, the small stuff.