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This website's goal is to make us all better photographers.

talkin bout cameras is a one-person blog all about digital and film photography and its techniques, concepts, and accessories, and the search for the perfect photo. This project is created by Branden Frederick, a life-long photographer.

Photography advice should only be taken as seriously as the advisor's photos are good, so I encourage you to check out my photos before deciding how much weight my opinions carry.


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about Branden Frederick

about Branden Frederick

I am a photographer: I have fun taking photos, and I always have.

I've had a camera in my hand my whole life, a 110 camera as a kid, and the high school's 35mm SLR later. In 2008 I spent six months doing nothing but taking photos and loved it. From that point on I've had my camera surgically attached to my hand (I lie). I went digital in the year 2000, and I came back to film in 2013. My parents tell me my photos are "nice".