the brandenblog

Branden Frederick is a San Jose-based nerd, technology manager, and photographer.


Not every web app has to be useful. Over the years I've made many different web-based trinkets, either to solve some problem I was having at the time, or to teach myself something new. This page collects the more interesting ones.

  • Branden Music Stats

    I have my own personal music statistics tool, displaying to the world analysis of what music I listen to. Obviously, nobody beyond myself cares about this, but I'm still rather proud of this site. And it does help me definitively say what my favorite albums are.
  • Divine

    Divine is a single player online clone of the classic board game Mastermind. In this game, the computer randomly generates a four peg secret color code. To beat the game, you must divine the secret code in 10 turns or less, using only the feedback from previous guesses as clues.
  • Color Tester thing

    I created this thing circa 2012 to help pick color schemes for a website management tool suite. There's major room for improvement.
  • Metric Age

    Shows you how many minutes, hours, days, and weeks old you are, and when the big milestones will come.
  • Random Data Generator

    Very simple script that generates large blocks of random ASCII characters.
  • Random Number Tester

    Computers, when asked for random numbers, give back numbers that are not truly random, but only appear random. This script generates these pseudo-random numbers in bulk, in order to see if the computer's random generating number system favors certain values over others.
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