pentax 645nii

successor to the Pentax 645

Pentax 645Nii Medium Format SLR Camera

This was my second 645 camera. After breaking my Pentax 645 I was still in love with the system, so I upgraded to this 645NII. Originally released by Pentax in 2001, this was a model late in the film game that featured all sorts of neat advances that a modern digital shooter going back to film will expect and find comfortable, which was exactly what I was doing. Loading film in these things was always a little bit tricky, but by roll number three you're an expert. The rest of the operation is a breeze.

The camera is big, noisy, and loud. I made the mistake one time of bringing this to a wedding. When it hit the last frame the auto-rewind triggered and all the guests were subjected to the long, loud machine cranking of this camera rewinding. Not my greatest moment.

The 645 series and I eventually parted ways when I went insane and started eschewing modern luxuries like light meters and frame advance motors.

The 645Nii with a 300mm f/4 lens

Here's some of my favorite photos I've shot with this camera.

First published on 22 Mar 2016; last updated on 27 Jan 2017.

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