olympus xa

tiny pocket 35mm rangefinder

Olympus XA 35mm rangefinder camera

This was my first rangefinder camera. I had read about rangefinder cameras online, and wanted to try them out. This is (was?) the cheapest model with decent reviews, so I found one (thanks eBay). I used the heck out of it for about four months. Then I realized the film had a tendency to shudder during exposure, making many of the photos too "artsy" (unusable) for my liking.

As fortune would have it, messing around with this camera caught the attention of a friend, who said "Oh, you like old rangefinders? My father has some Leica M3s gathering dust in his garage I'm sure he'd sell you." So not only was my XA breaking, it was also outclassed. And thus, it exited.

Here are my favorite photos shot using this camera.

BART, April 2013 Alviso, May 2013, using Neopan 400 film San Jose Convention Center, May 2013, using Ilford PanF+ film Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, July 2013, using Ilford PanF+ film Sunnyvale, July 2013, using Ilford PanF+ film Los Angeles Convention Center, July 2013, using Ilford PanF+ film San Juan, August 2013, using Superia film

First published on 10 Mar 2016; last updated on 27 Jan 2017.

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