kodak dc120 digital zoom

1997 digital camera

In 2013, my workplace was cleaning out old supply closets and found this 1997 digital camera. It is a Kodak DC120 Zoom, featuring a Kodak Ektanar autofocus lens, equivalent to 38-114mm at f/2.5-3.8. It is branded "MEGAPIXEL" and "Kodak Digital Science". It's a real clunker. According to Kodak:

In April, the company unveiled the KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE DC120 Zoom Digital Camera, the first point-and-shoot megapixel quality digital camera under $1,000.

It is unusual to use – it feels more like holding binoculars than a camera. The photo files are an unusual format that very few viewers can open, and the operation of the camera is bizarre to match. It's on my list to go out and shoot some photos with this, but I haven't yet.

First published on 2 Dec 2014; last updated on 27 Jan 2017.

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