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35mm film SLR

Canon EOS Elan IIe with EF 40mm f/2.8 lens

The Canon EOS Elan IIe came out in 1995 and cost $750 new. I purchased mine in 2013 and paid $20. The Elan IIe was just another entry into the alphabet soup of 35mm SLRs. With a mid-market feature set, the only thing remarkable about the Elan IIe is the eye-control focusing. This means there's a sensor in the eyecup of the camera that detects which focus point you're looking at, and uses that focus point for the camera's autofocus. This sounds great on paper, but the reality is that there are only three focus points, they're all grouped close together anyway, and the eye-control needs frequent calibration. What the Elan IIe is to me today, is a very solid, well-built, reliable 35mm SLR, which meters accurately and has big, easy-to-use controls. I love shooting with this camera it never misses a frame or causes any problems.

Here are some of my favorite photos I've taken with this camera:

Big Sur, April 2013, Ektar 100 Sunnyvale, May 2013, Gold 400 San Jose, July 2013, Velvia 50 Milpitas, October 2013, PanF+ 50 Halloween, October 2013, Gold 400 Almaden Quicksilver, November 2013, ProPlus II 200 San Jose, March 2014, PanF+ 50 San Jose, June 2014, Ektachrome 50T

First published on 2 Dec 2014; last updated on 26 Jan 2017.

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