lens reviews

and why they suck

Camera lens reviews are terrible to read, but they're the bread-and-butter of gear addiction. Here's some basic facts about lenses, that should not detract you from using your camera:

A clearly insufficient number of lenses

All that said, there are some things that are actually important when picking a lens, things that will affect how you use the lens on a regular basis.

When reading a lens review, it's easy to get distracted and forget what I'm doing there. I'm a photographer, I'm there to take photos, not analyze optical performance of different pieces of glass. People have been shooting better photos than mine with worse equipment than mine since the dawn of photography. Sure, a new lens design is faster, clearer, smaller, sleeker, whateverer, but the only thing that should impress me is how the lens can help me take better photos. No tool is perfect, but someone can perfect using a tool.

First published on 28 Apr 2014; last updated on 27 Jan 2017.

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