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Do you want to know what cameras I recommend? Well, first you have to hear about something that irks me: hobbyists who call their camera purchases an "investment", like they're running a business or something. Unless you're just taking photos for a quick buck, spending money on cameras is throwing that money away, not investing it.

I've bought a lot of camera shit over the years, probably more than I should have, certainly way more than I've needed, and none of it has been an "investment". Even on the rare occasions I was trading cash for photos, my camera purchase decisions weren't made with business profits in mind.

Two many cameras. Get it? Ha ha. I am great joker.

If you want to know how much money I've dumped into this hobby over the years, believe me, the amount is embarrassing. But the upshot is that I've used a lot of different cameras and camera accessories, and have some opinions. I normally keep my opinions to myself, but you're on my website, so now you get to hear them.

There are no good cameras

There are no good cameras. There are no bad cameras, either. Each has its purpose. Know what you're trying to do, and then find the best camera for that. Or spend bazillions of dollars trying every camera in existence, just to see if maybe this other way of shooting is how you shoot best. Point is, each camera has its strengths and its weaknesses, even if sometimes its strength is simply that it's inexpensive. But once you know what you're looking for, you can find the right tool, and then that's the best camera ever made (for you).

There are, however, a few universal truths:

The intrepid reader will note that this camera advice article has barely even mentioned a model name, let alone given you any suggestions. This is because I cannot. In fact, no one can. There are hundreds of models of cameras currently in production. No one person has used all of these cameras. It is not possible. By "used", I don't mean "turned on and pushed the button a few times." I mean "lived with this camera as their creative bread and butter." After all, what good is a "review" from some idiot who's knowledge of the camera is the same you could get from 15 minutes at Best Buy?

So yes, I'm not going to review cameras. I did write a lens review, so that may help you, but for cameras, I can tell you what my experiences have been. But I cannot tell you what camera to get anymore than I can tell you what hairstyle to get.

Here are some of the cameras which I've used. I've used one of each of these cameras (with a few exceptions), so if there's any variation in their production, I won't know about it.

My review is, they're all excellent! Shoot more photos!

First published on 19 Nov 2014; last updated on 27 Jan 2017.

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