In 1993, Kodak launched a new film called Lumiere. That is the entire official history of the film on Kodak's website. It appears a few times on this Kodak documentation where it is described as a "natural color positive" film. And then someone at Lomography abused a roll so horribly. In short, there's not much info about this film online.

So of course when I found some, I bought it. I got two rolls of 120 Lumiere with unknown history, plopped them into the Pentax 645Nii, set the ASA to 80, walked around San Francisco's Sunset District, and hoped for the best.

And I was blown away by the results. I hadn't expected a 25-year-old slide film to hold up this well. Shooting as much old film as I do, I've had as many rolls fall apart on me as I've had success, and rarely are the "successes" are great looking as this Lumiere. Besides a little loss of contrast, there's no real film degradation at all.

So I'll let the rest of the images speak for themselves.