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let's talk about Flickr

let's talk about Flickr

yes, Flickr is still a thing

20 Dec 2019
Flickr's CEO told the world yesterday that the service is unsustainable and unless something changes, it will die.

I rode an app-based rental scooter

I rode an app-based rental scooter

28 Oct 2018
Two pay-by-the-minute scooter rental Apps have popped up in my neighborhood. I got my gigantic self on one for the first time yesterday, and rode it for 4 miles. This was my experience.

install Miva Empresa on linux

a "how to"

17 Oct 2018
Because they seem to exist nowhere else, here's my personal notes on installing the Miva Empresa module onto a Linux/Apache setup.

music stats

music stats

it turns out love *can* be measured

15 Oct 2018
I have spent the past 10+ years measuring and analyzing what music I listen to.