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Branden Frederick is a San Jose-based nerd, technology manager, and photographer.


2020 in music

6 Mar 2021
So, um, it's March 2021, and now I'm finally getting around to my "annual" music recommendations post. Oh well. Read more.

2019 in music

2 Jan 2020
In Twenty-nineteen I added 48 new albums to my iTunes, about half of which were actually released that year, and only a third from artists new to me. Totaling it all up, here's my recommendations. Read more.

2018 in music

1 Jan 2019
Friends and other acquaintances have told me I have horrid taste in music. They say music I enjoy has immature lyrics, takes itself too seriously, has a grating sound, and is repetitive and simplistic. I've had two decades now to come to terms with this, and I no longer apologize for my tastes. The Music Stats tool puts on full display exactly which music I listen to. But that's just numbers – if you want the nuance, read on for my 2018 album recommendations. Read more.

old list of concerts I've been to

old list of concerts I've been to

17 Oct 2018
I used to go to a lot of concerts, and I kept a list of what shows I'd been to. Read more.

music stats: it turns out love *can* be measured

music stats: it turns out love *can* be measured

15 Oct 2018
I have spent the past 10+ years measuring and analyzing what music I listen to. After many, many iterations, I finally have the data in some semblance of order. Read more.
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