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18 Nov 2019
I just completed the fourth major version of the program I use to manage websites. This program – collection of scripts, really – is 561kb of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Miva, all handwritten by me over over a period of 23 years. I call this "Tranquility". Using Tranquility, I can instantly create a new website with a custom theme and any number of static or dynamic pages, including blogs, photo albums, and forms. It is how this blog you're reading right now is powered. To find out how I got to this point, read on. Read more.

how to: install Miva Empresa on linux

17 Oct 2018
Miva is not the most glamorous web technology – by today's standards its 1995 origin makes it ancient. But it is still actively maintained and developed, and can be used to make web apps. Read more.
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