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walking simulators

walking simulators

12 Jul 2019
When I was a kid, I played a lot of video games. I would play anything, but mostly first-person-shooters, which I was never very good at. I'd play on "easy" and give up the first time I failed a challenge. But I was fascinated by the games' stories, by the fantasy worlds the games' makers had constructed. That these fictional universes were in service to violence was their downfall – I lost my patience with the "game" part of the game. A few years ago, I discovered I'm not alone, there's a new genre of games for people like me: Walking Simulators. Read more.

twitchcon 2018: dispatches from video game streaming culture

twitchcon 2018: dispatches from video game streaming culture

30 Oct 2018
I returned to TwitchCon this weekend, aiming to update myself on the world of hardware, video games, and streaming culture. Last attending in 2015, I am apparently interested in video game streaming even though I'm a decade too old to participate in it. Here's my notes, as an outsider looking in. Read more.
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