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my next kindle will be an iPad

my next kindle will be an iPad

27 Oct 2020
I am the exact target audience for the Amazon Kindle e-reader: a) I read a lot of text-only books, usually several at the same time; b) I am a nerd who has lots of gadgets; c) I read anywhere and everywhere; and d) I am already buying nearly all my books from Amazon. So it is no surprise that I have had three different Kindle devices over the years. But no more – each Kindle has been worse than the one before it, and I'm calling it quits. Read more.

Windows 10 cranky setup checklist

12 Sep 2020
Because of my poor life choices, I have to frequently install operating systems on my computers. Out of the box, Windows 10 comes loaded with booby traps, unwanted software, the worst default settings imaginable, and shitty design choices. Here is my secret recipe for neutering the worst parts. Read more.

linux love letter

linux love letter

6 Mar 2020
I've been a *nix user since high school, but never as my primary system. I've been running web servers on Linux for ever. I've experimented with Linux as a desktop operating system, but it was never compelling enough to replace Windows or macOS – until now. Here's why and how I made Ubuntu work for me. Read more.
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