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I was born in 1982 in Santa Clara, California and have lived in the area ever since. With a lifelong passion for photography, I have used my camera to help me explore the cities and mountains of Northern California. I've been lucky enough to make a career in Information Technology Management, volunteering in the fandom and Jewish communities along the way. My dream vacation involves sitting at a sidewalk cafe for hours, sipping coffee.

I invite you to email me at or explore my photos on Flickr. I try to write back to everyone.

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What’s a Jew to do with Columbus Day?

1 Oct 2021
This month, on October 11th, America observes our country’s most contentious home-grown holiday.

a world of madness and mechanical keyboards

1 Aug 2021
You'd have to be nuts to spend upwards of $200 on a keyboard! Hello, it's me, Nuts.

Death of an Analog Photographer

Freefall in Yosemite

23 Jun 2021
A monologue on nature's beauty and the quest for better cameras.

Fujifilm X

kitted out

31 May 2021
In November 2014 I "went mirrorless" with a Fujifilm X setup.

Remembering the Holocaust

Remembering the Holocaust

6 Apr 2021
The week of April 10, 2021, we read the portion of the Torah called “Sh’mini.”

2020 in music

6 Mar 2021
So, um, it's March 2021, and now I'm finally getting around to my "annual" music recommendations post. Oh well.

the season of the hamentaschen is nigh!

15 Feb 2021
But what delicious filling should we find inside our cookie’s trifolded dough?

2020 in photos

2020 in photos

27 Jan 2021
What pictures did I take in 2020? How did they reflect what went on in the world? What cameras did I use to take them? All this and more, in today's episode of "2020 in review."

forest green lightroom preset

forest green lightroom preset

color grading

21 Nov 2020
Let's create a new Lightroom Development Preset which takes advantage of Color Grading.

babylon 13

babylon 13

lomography kino film

10 Nov 2020
Is the new Lomography monochrome film stock worth your time and money?

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